Webcam Archive

Here are some pictures plotting the changes to St Johns between January 2010 and September 2010:

26-01-2010 15:00
The scene the night before the work began

27-01-2010 09:00
By 9am on the 27th January the workmen made a start

28-01-2010 09:00
The pews are easily removed with the right tools

29-01-2010 15:00
Notice the porch has now gone

03-02-2010 15:00
Things really starting to take shape, pews now available here

09-02-2010 12:00
Arrival of insulation blocks to fill the void in the floor

19-02-2010 21:18
Insulation blocks in place and work on the under floor heating has now started

05-03-2010 15:10
Work on the new office at the bottom right of the church is commencing and the new kitchen and toilet are starting to take shape which is in the bottom left of the church just out of view of the webcam!!

10-03-2010 11:00
Under floor heating pipes being fitted

18-03-2010 13:30
Work continues to push on, plastering of office and kitchen is progressing

22-03-2010 12:30
Occasionally a familiar face appears on the webcam!!

20-04-2010 11:00
Scaffolding now erected in the chancel in order to touch up marks caused by leaking roof, said roof also being fixed externally

12-05-2010 14:30
Glass front door has now been fitted

15-06-2010 15:30
Fitting of the blind to help video projection visibility

22-06-2010 15:31
Carpet fitters hard at work

27-06-2010 19:46
Carpet now fitted and builders have now left, a few more jobs to do yet mainly refitting the sound system and cleaning and returning furniture.

25-07-2010 11:00
First Sunday back in church.

05-09-2010 11:00
The official opening of the new St Johns


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