Sunday Kids' Club

In Sunday Club we learn about a God who is good, who is love and who is especially fond of children.

We colour, we cut, we stick, we watch DVDs, we eat sweets, we play catch.  Then when we've done we eat biscuits - perhaps more than we should if the coffee ladies are to be believed.

We read the exciting stories of the Bible, meeting the Ancient Egyptians we've learned about at school; the boy David, who killed a big bad giant; the ultimate annoying little brother, Joseph, and Jesus, who wouldn't let people keep children away from him but said, 'the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these'.

As we're a small group it's easy to make friends.  We like to talk about the Bible stories we've read and ask some very awkward questions that adults wouldn't dare to.  We compare schools, mean teachers, computer games and we share some very corny jokes when we can remember the punchlines  (and often when we can't!)
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