Church Warden
Stuart Langhorn

I was born in St John’s parish and have lived here all my life so I am very much a Carlisle boy.

Although baptised as a baby at St John’s I did not attend until I joined the Sunday School (in those days held in the afternoon for those aged 4 and over) and have been here ever since!  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour while I was a member of the youth group run by then vicar, the late Roger Frith.  Over the years I have been involved in various aspects of Church life.

I first became a Sidesman (now steward) at the age of 17, eventually becoming a Deputy Warden, and since 2009, Church Warden; so you might say I have risen through the ranks!

As Church Warden I keep an eye on building matters and help deal with any issues which may arise in the church.  It is a challenging but rewarding job, the Fit For Purpose project was a rewarding experience in itself.  I like to encourage team work as well as being a team player, which sometimes means getting your hands dirty!

Away from the church, I work in a local Chartered Accountants office.  When free time allows I like to enjoy the ‘fresh air’, as well as travelling and exploring new places at home and abroad.  I have an interest in local history, especially ‘Old Carlisle’. I also like watching the big national and international sporting events.

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