Project Diary And Updates

September 2010
7th - The time lapse...


5th - The offical opening!!!

1st - Final preparations for the grand opening on the 5th at 10:30am - ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Following the service there will be a free barbecue on the lawn at the front of church.


August 2010
21st - Today the chairs arrived. As we near the grand opening on the 5th September the jobs needing doing are starting to run out!!!

July 2010
25th - First Sunday back in church, what a difference, gone is the old victorian building with it's dark wood, the worship space is now light and open. Few more jobs to finish off but things are progressing very well indeed.

20th - Not loads to see at the moment, most of the furniture that's being kept is now back in church and the sound system is being reinstated. From this coming Sunday we will be back in church for our Sunday morning services, new wooden chairs are due to arrive in a few weeks time in preparation for our official opening on the 5th September.
14th - £3500 has been given by a trust, this has been used to equip the cafe and kitchen, we also now have a 3 piece suite which has kindly been donated, this is forming a lounge area.

June 2010
26th - More pictures of the new centre:

24th - The new carpets are now fitted, this has had an absolutely massive effect when you walk into church, it feels like a completely new building, it no longer feels large and old, it somehow feels more like a cosy sitting room which is warn, inviting and friendly. Other things that have happened today is the blue velvet curtain and wooden cross has been erected at the end of the chancel, the cross was made from wood from the old pews. This work of course is below the view of the webcam so I will get some pictures in the next few days for you to see.

21st - Carpet fitters have made a start, new carpet in the vestry is done and the hard wearing carpet at the entrance is laid, keep an eye on the webcam!!!

15th - Today the builders started the job of fitting the blind in the chancel roof, this will help with the visibility of the video projector which is used each Sunday for projecting songs and videos. Carpets due to be fitted next week.
5th - Those of you who have been looking closely at the webcam this week will have noticed the window has now been fitted above the main external door, this has been specially made to fit in with the original stone doorframe. The quality of the joinery around the church is top notch with the finish being in light oak. A few more photos to let you see more of the progress:

2nd - Project is still on schedule with the carpet fitters booked for late June, under floor heating has been tested and is working very well, joiners fitting skirting boards and boxing in pipe work at the moment.

May 2010
8th - Things continue to move on, work on the heating system and the installation of the three new boilers is progressing well, also decorating is making a huge difference and making the church look less like a workshop. Yesterday the external glass doors were fitted, this means from now on if you pass the church you will be able to see the progress for yourself, even from your car!!

April 2010
22nd - A few more pictures which might be of interest:

8th - Not that much to see from the webcam at the moment as the view is not that good to see into the corners of the church building but there is quite a lot happening, kitchen and facilities are being fitted, new lighting above the cafe area has been fitted and decorating is is going on. Look out for the installation of the glass doors, this is expected in the next week or two. Low level lighting has been planned to illuminate the interior of the church when it's dark outside, this should illuminate the large 8ft cross that's been constructed from a church pew, the plan is that when you are sitting at the traffic light outside church you will be able to see right in and have a view of the cross which will be suspended below the main windows in the chancel in front of some dark curtains.

March 2010
13th - More pictures of progress for you to see, under floor heating seems to be progressing, kitchen and office also taking shape:

5th - Things continue to progress, work has now started on the new office/kitchen and toilet which are being constructed within the church building, work is also progressing outside the front door with the building of the new disabled access ramp:

February 2010
19th - Progress on the project continues, work on the under floor heating has now started. Interesting 1959 magazine has been found under the old floor, interesting how some things have changes so much, but other things are just the same, interesting reading.
9th - Last 6 pews left church today and set off on their way to be included in the London Bridge Experience, other pews are now in storage in Wigton awaiting purchase via eBay.

January 2010
31st - First Sunday morning with worship relocated into the sports hall was a success, video projection, music group, sound system and new folding chairs functioning well. Thanks to all those who carried, pushed, pulled and assisted in setup and set down. Still not too late to claim your pew, they are available on eBay or by contacting Andrew Titcombe.
27th - The job has started and the builders are in.
25th - Paperwork now complete and we have the go-ahead to start, the church is now clear of furniture, builders will start any day now with the first big job which is to remove pews and choir stalls.
24th - Webcam is now live so you can now monitor progress yourself!
19th - All due to start any time, paperwork due any day to give us the go-ahead and allow the builders to start.

December 2009
Tenders now back from contractors and everything pressing ahead nicely.

74 pitched pine pews, 6 oak choir stalls and a load of other fittings available to buy, must be removed before the beginning of February, if you are interested then please contact Andrew Titcombe.

November 2009
Very encouraging gift day which raised over £15,000, this will pay for seating and help our local ministry fund.

Waiting for tenders to be returned from contractors and the green light to proceed from the DAC.

Chairs have been ordered, need I say more!!!

October 2009 
This is a sample of the chairs we are looking at. Wooden chairs from Rosehill costing £55 plus VAT, folding chairs from Aspire, which range from £25-£35 plus VAT. We plan to worship in the sports hall during the next six months of the building work and folding chairs that are easy to move would be very useful.

September 2009 
The picture is of St Matthew's Cheltenham, where Francis Close was Rector before becoming Dean of Carlisle Cathedral and being instrumental in the setting up of St John's. You can see similarities in the design of both churches. The picture provides a template of what the new St John's could look like. The Aesthetics Group is working with the architect on the interior design of the new St John's.

Interesting article from the New York Times from 1882 describing St John's as 'one of the purest specimens of early English architecture in the North of England'

June 2009
Council planning permission granted for the external works.
Sale of property owned by St John's, money to go towards project.

May 2009
Tudor Trust have agreed a grant of £30,000 towards the project.

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