Morning Prayer Meeting

Tuesday @ 8:30 is no ordinary Prayer Meeting/Bible Study group! In the darkness, silence reigned for several minutes at the conclusion of a wonderful study of 'the Lord and the Law' as we meditated on the image of golden cross imposed on a large, threatening, black menorah projected onto the wall. Our varied programme has an impact on our group by deepening our understanding of the Bible, enhancing our appreciation the God whom we worship and stretching our attitudes to faith and works in society.

Our aim is to provide the Holy Spirit an opportunity to guide and change our thinking as believers. In our studies, thinking in depth about passages from the Bible certainly opens our eyes to the way God works and how to follow Him in church and society. We try to make His parables, sayings and teachings of fields, hidden treasures, feasts and celebrations relevant and instructive in our lives to be able to experience more fully the eternal life that we have received.

Our studies are challenging, but relaxed, questioning, but amusing; as everyone contributes, we deal with complex issues discovering answers and also that, sometimes, we don't have answers. In our group, we don't expect uniformity or conformity; rather, we cultivate a freedom to express our concerns and insights however grand or insignificant they may be.

We meet in the OpShop, which is just up the road from the church on Botchergate.

If you would like further information relating to this group then please contact Steve Donald on (01228) 521601 or

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