Giving a gift to the work at St John's

Although the Church of England still has the pastoral responsibilities of a state church, and is actively engaged with the life of the whole community and not just with active churchgoers, it is not state-subsidised. Each parish church has to maintain its own buildings, and pay its own running costs. In addition, each parish makes a contribution to a diocesan Common Fund, which pays for the stipends and pensions of all the diocesan clergy, and serves as a means by which richer parishes can subsidise the work of those that are working in deprived parts of the diocese. This enables the parish churches of the diocese to serve all the people of Cumbria, and not just those that can afford “a vicar of their own.”

Our income from hall lettings makes a small contribution to the upkeep and development of the buildings. But we are still heavily reliant on the congregation for the day to day running costs of the church and parish centre.

Our treasurer would be very pleased to give you further details and specific areas currently in need of finances.

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